vip trip to egypt

What protective measures should you take on a trip to Egypt?

vip trip to egypt

On a trip to Egypt, it’s important to bring along sun protection such as high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. It’s also essential to have mosquito repellents, a travel first aid kit with basic medications, bottled drinking water sealed against opening, and suitable clothing and footwear to protect against the sun and sand.

What characterizes a VIP trip to Egypt?

Generally, a VIP trip to Egypt is characterized by a luxurious approach and exclusive attractions that allow travelers to experience this fascinating country in the highest comfort and style. One distinguishing feature is the high standard of accommodation in the most prestigious hotels or luxury residences. Additionally, VIP tours typically offer private guiding, allowing travelers to tailor the travel schedule to their individual preferences and ensuring exceptional care. Exclusive tours to Egypt often include access to private guides who possess extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and monuments of ancient Egypt. This allows travelers to explore the secrets of pyramids, temples, tombs, and other important sites with unparalleled expertise.

What dishes should you try in Egypt?

In Egypt, it’s worth trying a variety of dishes that reflect the richness of the country’s culture and culinary traditions. For example, koshari, a popular dish made of pasta, rice, lentils, and chickpeas served with tomato sauce and fried onions. Falafel, fried chickpea balls often eaten in pita bread with vegetables and tahini sauce, is also a must-try. Another delicious dish is kebabs, grilled pieces of meat (usually lamb or chicken) served with rice, salads, and sauces. When it comes to desserts, be sure to try baklava, a sweet pastry made of nuts, honey, and filo dough, and umm ali, an Egyptian pudding made of milk, nuts, and pastry.

It’s also worth trying fresh fruit juices such as mango, pomegranate, or guava juice, which are widely available on the streets of Egyptian cities. Egyptian cuisine offers many flavors and aromas worth exploring during your journey through this fascinating country.